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Nadya Hazbunova


               Nadya Hazboun is a Palestinian fashion and Jewelry designer from Bethlehem. Since launching her line in 2012 She has shown her collections on Runways within Amman Fashion week, London / UK, Astrakhan Fashion week Russia, and multiple times in her own country.

Based in Bethlehem, NH Fashion includes two lines: a womenswear ready to wear clothing line and an Olivewood & Silver Jewelry line both aiming at creating social change and raising awareness globally around the Palestinian identity and heritage. Nadya built her brand as a medium of communication as well as a social enterprise forcing fashion to serve an ethical cause. Her brand is committed to empowering disadvantaged women through fashion, mentorship & economic opportunity. Her lines create job opportunities mainly for locals who assist in creating her clothing & jewelry.

She tries to “pay it forward” by offering her uncensored experience and supporting women through local trainings targeted at skill enhancement, design, product development, sewing and pattern making skills, as well as brand identity development for female owned SME’s in the region. Her career path involved part taking on projects and trainings conducted by the BWF to enable her project to grow and become sustainable on the local market, this support has led her to becoming one of many success stories capable of giving back her experience and knowledge to the new generations through trainings and consultations. 

Her brand celebrates Palestinian heritage and traditions through the innovative use of Arabic calligraphy and the various stitching and couching techniques traditionally used in Palestine. She uses motivational quotes and designs that aim to communicate an important message about Palestinian heritage, promote Palestinian literature and culture through fashion. She addresses through her work a variety of socially critical issues arising from the political or cultural realities in Palestine, as well as advocating for gender justice and the rights of disadvantaged minorities.

Besides being an entrepreneur, Nadya taught Fashion design at the Birzeit University for years and is currently heading the Fashion Design department at the Hebron Smart College for Modern Education. She cooperated with the Palestine Business women’s forum, various local municipalities, Chambers of commerce & private institutes as a coach and trainer, and acts as Product development expert at Pro Terra Sancta’s Dar Al Majus Fair Trade Bazaar & DAMj Creative Lab. Her vision is to help increase Design quality and creativity in Palestine and raise awareness on the importance of Design and Art for the society as a whole, be it as a source of income or a psychological outlet.

Her portfolio includes cooperation with a variety of institutions on their product development such as the Arafat Museum in Ramallah, Sunbula and the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit.

Ms. Hazboun is the holder of a Master degree from Prague / Czech Republic in Interactive & communication Media, and a graduate of the IVLP Entrepreneurship in the Fashion Industry Program in 2019,  which in combination with her passion for Design & Fashion and the courses she attended in the London College of Fashion and variety of trainings in the Clarisse Fashion Atelier in Prague, translate into her determination to use fashion as a communication and promotion tool.

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