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Nadya Hazbunova/Nadya Hazboun


         Nadya Hazboun is a Palestinian Women’s wear & Jewelry Designer raised in Bethlehem/ Palestine. The mixture of her Middle Eastern over the top esthetic with a hint of European class makes her creations notably dramatic and unforgettable.  Her style is a search for identity, exploring the various heritages the fashion world has to offer. She aims to dress multicultural open minded women who are glamorous and brave, who want to stand out for all the right reasons and make a difference. She launched her Womenswear brand in Prague/The Czech republic, and after presenting it successfully in Amman Fashion week in November 2012, decided to focus and expand in the Middle East. The brand is available worldwide online and by stockists in Palestine & Jordan.

She has designed a magnificent parallel wooden accessories line to compliment her women’s wear line entitled Olive Wood by Nadya Hazbunova -handmade in Bethlehem, brining her Palestinian heritage into a completely new level internationally. The handmade jewelry collection of Olive wood from Bethlehem was born as an offspring to a marriage between ancient tradition and today’s fashion.


The vision was to give this ancient traditional Bethlehem handcraft of carving the beautiful Olive wood a modern edge, allowing it to be more funky and accessible for people all around the world, giving them the opportunity to carry a little piece of the beauty of our Holy Land with them all the time.

The beautiful grainy olive wood is transformed into a range of edgy jewelry engraved and assembled into wooden accessories by hand in workshops in Bethlehem.  Every single piece is therefore an original, created with extreme attention to detail and quality. In addition, every item is unique with a different grain of colors, making the piece you purchase truly one of a kind.

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