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Designer Story about Nadya in Czech republic's monthly fashion Magazine "Joy"


January 2014


The Czech republic's monthly fashion magazine "Joy" published a success story covering the summarized version of  the designers journey, pointing out her two unique lines of Womens fashion wear & Bethlehem Handmade olivewood accessories in their first issue in the year 2014.



Palestinian "Nativity magazine" publishes a story about our newly open Olivewood accessories showroom in Bethlehem


December 2013


Nativity Magazine publish an article in their Christmas issue about the NH showroom in Bethlehem accompanied by photos from our latest Handmade Olive Wood Jewelry From Bethlehem photo shoot by Pink Portico in London.



NH olivewood accessories flagship showroom open in Bethlehem

November 2013


Official NH Olivewood Accessories open now in Bethlehem! As of November 2013 you can come visit us and buy our accessories and Tshirts right in the middle of the holy city of Bethlehem just a couple of steps from the Nativity Church itself!


The Showroom is open daily Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00, and is located in the mall where the Bethlehem KFC is. the mujama' is right opposite the mar yousef school, and you can see our showroom window right from the street! we own the first shop at the right entrance to the mall.



Nadya Hazbunova experiments with local materials and manufacturers in her new "Identity series" collection 

October 2013

Nadya hazbunova entered into an experiemntal design series called the "identity series", wherein she searched to broaden the raw materials of which the NH collection could actually be made of - keeping those materials just like the olivewood - authentic and particular to palestine. She choose palestinian stones and clay to create superb map of palestine rings under the Disarming design initiative. The collection further included the famous "Sajil ana 3arabi" fingerprint Tshirts and a mini dress made of handprinted fabric with the same fingerprint.

NH Interview with TV Russia Today

October  2013


Russia Al-Yawm TV (Russia Today) interview Palestinian Designer Nadya Hazbunova and speak to her about her challenges and work.


To watch the interview in Arabic & Read the article please click the link below :



PNN releases an in-depth cover interview with

Designer Nadya Hazbunova

September  2013


The Palestinian News Network feature an in depth interview with Designer Nadya Hazbunova with exclusive footage from her latest Ramallah Photoshoot. NH speaks about her ambitions, plans and the actual situation on the Palestinian Fashion market, her innovative Olivewood Jewelry and what it means to be a fashion a designer in Palestine.


To watch the interview in Arabic, please click the following link :




September   2013


Nadya Hazbunova fashion & olivewood accessories Nativity magazine cover & feature  & photoshoot conducted exclusively for Bethlehem Nativity Magazine. Local Bethlehem Model showcased pieces from the NH olivewood Accessories collection alongside pieces from the NH womenswear summer 2013 collection in the suburbs of Beit sahour, shot by upcoming young talent Ramez Hazboun exclusively for the Magazine Cover.



Nadya Hazbunova Clothing & Accessories featured on the cover of Nativity Magazine

Nadya Hazbunova featured as one of the inspirational Palestinian woman entrepneurs in a film whose name was  inspired by olivewood earrings from her 2013 collection

June  2013


فيلم للحلم بقية - The Dream Will Come True - غرفة تجارة وصناعة بيت لحم


للحلم بقية.. فيلم قصير يستعرض دور المرأة الفلسطينية ومكانتها في المجتمع، ويسلط الضوء على إنجازات بعض النساء الرياديات من محافظة بيت لحم حيث تحرص غرفة تجارة وصناعة محافظة بيت لحم، ومن خلال مركز صاحبات الأعمال، على دعم وتمكين المشاريع النسائية الريادية والعمل على تطويرها لخلق فرص متكافئة في بيئة الأعمال.
تم تصوير الفيلم في شهر آيار عام 2013 بمناسبة عيد المرأة العالمي كرسالة إرادة وطموح من المرأة الفلسطينية، التي على الرغم من كل التحديات والصعاب، تركت بصمة واضحة على سطور التاريخ بجهدها وعطائها المتواصل.
الفيلم من اخراج المخرج الفلسطيني أحمد حمد الحائز على عدة جوائز محلية ودولية في الاخراج.


To watch the movie click the following link :


Nadya Hazbunova launches sales of her Clothing & Accessories in her hometown Bethlehem, Palestine

24 May 2013

Nadya hazbunova expanded her local stockist network  with a new selling point in Bethlehem- choosing Kenzy boutique in Bethlehem on the Jerusalem-Hebron street to sell both her clothing & accessories line. 

for more information on the boutique, check out our stockist page. 

NH Olivewood accessories further available in select souvenir shops in Bethlehem - refer to our stockists page for detailed information. 


Nadya Hazbunova collaberates with Haifa native photographer Hamody Gannam for the first ever NH photo shoot in Palestine! 

12 May 2013

Nadya Hazbunova along with Haifa photographer Hamody Gannam organized a superb photoshoot in the beautiful Snow-bar in Ramallah - the photoshoot exhibited unique pieces to be introduced to local boutiques the week after. 


Nadya Hazbunova debuts in her hometown Bethlehem, Palestine

14 March 2013

Nadya hazbunova finally introduced a preview of her NH Spring/summer 2013 collection in her hometown Bethlehem, Palestine. The glamorous fashion show was held within an event to honor women's day at the Jacir Palace, Today known as the Bethlehem Intercontinental Hotel. Local Models showed off her designs to a crowd of over 400 People. 

NH collection Launched At Must-Have Boutique in Ramallah, Palestine

27 March 2013

The NH Clothing & Olive wood Accessories collection is finally on racks in Ramallah, palestine! introduced for the first time at one of Ramallah's most Chic & Glamorous trendy boutiques : Must Have Boutique . 

Must-have is a more than just a womens' wear botique. We offer all the must-haves in: clothing, hair, make-up , nails and gadgets.

Must have is located in the trendy district of Masyoon in Ramallah just behind the Egyptian Embassy and the Grand Park Hotel.
For more information:

Boutique contact  (+972 2 ) 2966000.

Select Bethlehem Souvenir shops to offer NH Olive wood Jewelry 

24 March 2013

Designer Olivewood accessories by Nadya Hazbunova now available in the Luxurious Bethlehem Tabash Souvenir Center near Rachel's Tomb and the Bethlehem Checkpoint... go check them out in person now! and soon available also on their website

ReWardrobe UK feature the NH Olivewood "Palestine" ring in their Weekend trend editorial

24 feb 2013

~ check it out :


Interview with Nadya Hazbunova talking about the Olive-wood Jewelry collection and her debut in Amman Fashion week 

feb 2013

Rockin' the last day in Amman Fashion week ~ hear Nadya tell the story about her Bethlehem olivewood collection

Interview with Nadya Hazbunova talking about her clothing & Olive-wood Jewelry collections on Al Falastiniyeh TV 

6 March 2013

​Nadya Hazbunova talks in the morning show on al falastinyeh TV about her clothing & accessories collections, accompanied by a local model wearing one of her feature pieces from the spring/Summer collection 2013.

Nadya Hazbunova Magazine cover feature story In Layalina Palestine Magazine, with a 14 page coverage in the February 2013 Valentine issue. 
february 2013 

​Nadya Hazbunova's in depth interview & Cover - in the Layalina magazine Palestine, february 2013. 

Gold, Silver or Wood? 
December 2012

Al Jazeera magazine contemplates on the new fashionable trend of Palestinian designer Nadya Hazbunova's Olive wood Jewelry collection from Bethlehem, Palestine. 

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