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About the Bethlehem Olive wood Jewelery Collection


                   This handmade jewelry collection of Olive wood from Bethlehem was born in 2012 as an offspring to a marriage between ancient tradition and today’s fashion.

My vision was to give this ancient traditional Bethlehem handcraft of carving the beautiful Olive wood a modern edge, allowing it to be more funky and accessible for people all around the world, giving them the opportunity to carry a little piece of the beauty of our Holy Land with them all the time.

The beautiful grainy olive wood is transformed into a range of edgy jewelry engraved and assembled into wooden accessories by hand in workshops in Bethlehem.  Every single piece is therefore an original, created with extreme attention to detail and quality. In addition, every item is unique with a different grain of colors, making the piece you purchase truly one of a kind.

Olive wood is a beautiful very durable, dense and high quality wood with grains of colors ranging from cream through pink to black with a fine texture, therefore I try to manipulate the surface of the wood as little as possible, to stay true to the beauty of the natural grains, that’s why I like to claim that the jewelry in this collection is partially my own design and partially nature’s. Naturally therefore every photographed piece will be slightly different in detail than the one you purchase due to the 100% natural material the pieces are made of.

The collection is simple, yet elegant, adding a hint of glamor and a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Some pieces carry verses by Palestinian poets, famous Arabic sayings and quotes or are simply decorated with beautiful shapes, Arabic letters, words and calligraphy.
I hope you enjoy this new era of glamorous souvenirs as much as I enjoyed designing them,

With love from Bethlehem,

Nadya Hazbunova,

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